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The Chariot - "Daggers" (new song)

Live @ Batofar in Paris, France on March 11th, 2009

April 7th, 2009, by Tobe

Daggers - Take it all back. Is this the fashion, "Medic" painted on a white dress or is this the formal crowd? // Where is the battle? Absent from wealthy minds and far from all concerned. // Now take your places and may peace breed. // Fight your own war. Old men, keep dreaming of battles for young men to fight. War. It’s only skin deep. // Make your spine just like your pride and if you find a heart I hope it bleeds grace. // Sell "peace" as limited time. For "limited" I say, is a choice to fight. Take your voices down. Tear it down.
"Wars And Rumors Of Wars" (2009) - [Album Presentation]
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