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Woe Of Tyrants - "Kingdom Of Might"

Metal Blade Records - January 6, 2009 - {Comprehensive Visual Update}

January 6th, 2009

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Woe Of Tyrants - "Kingdom Of Might"
Metal Blade Records (#14708) - January 6, 2009
01. Jesu Juva [Instrumental] (0:55)
02. Soli Deo Gloria (5:06)
03. Break the Fangs of the Wicked (4:14)
04. Pearls Before Swine (3:37)
05. Kingdom of Might (The Eclipse) (4:16)
06. Kingdom of Might (Dawn in the Darkness) (4:23)
07. Sounding Jerusalem (3:41)
08. Sons of Thunder [Instrumental] (3:12)
09. The Seven Braids of Samson (4:07)
10. Like Jasper and Carnelian (4:34)
11. Golgotha (3:29)

Total Playtime: 41:34
Line-up past the album’s release. From left to right: Adam Kohler (bass), Adam Routte (guitar),
Chris Catanzaro (vocals), Johnny Roberts (drums), Matt Kincaid (guitar)
WOE OF TYRANTS - "Kingdom Of Might" - Biography 2008
Chillicothe, Ohio’s, Woe of Tyrants, simply put, shred; they play metal music with little regard to scenes and sub genres. They are five guys dead-set on playing metal the way they want to and mix the best of death, thrash, and power metal in a concoction that defies pigeon-holing. Combine the vintage sounds of Testament and Metallica, brutal death metal, epic power metal, and even some southern fried flair thrown on top, and you have what has become known as Woe of Tyrants.

Woe of Tyrants began in 2004 with several goals in mind, the main being to create heavy, intelligent music that can promote a positive message alongside a chaotic and technical sound. They released their critically acclaimed debut "Behold the Lion" through Tribunal Records in June of 2007, and only two months after its release, the band was already in talks with several major players in the independent label market.

In October of 2007, Woe of Tyrants signed a multi-album deal with Metal Blade Records and immediately began writing what would be their first worldwide release entitled, "Kingdom of Might". Their preference for a positive message as opposed to the stereotypical negative and abrasive metal attitude is apparent in their Metal Blade debut. Vocalist Chris Catanzaro states their goal for this project: “This album is meant to encourage people to consider their lives, consider anything and everything, as opposed to just remaining lethargic. Upon doing so, it’s my hope that someone might develop a peace with the truths in which they discover, and if nothing else find something within our record that leads them to improving their life as opposed to the common ’metal’ message of destroying it. "Kingdom of Might" is our pride and joy musically, the culmination of hours and hours of work, so if nothing else, give it an honest listen!”

"Kingdom of Might" was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Joey Sturgis of Foundation Studios (The Devil Wears Prada, Gwen Stacy, Brother Von Doom).

Line-up that recorded the album. Right photo, from left to right: Johnny Roberts (drums),
Matt Kincaid (guitar), Chris Catanzaro (vocals), Adam Kohler (bass), Chris Burns (guitar)



Produced by Woe of Tyrants and Joey Sturgis
Engineered by Joey Sturgis at the Foundation in May/June 2008
Mastered by Joey Sturgis
All music by Woe of Tyrants
Guest composition provided on Jesu Juva by Joey Sturgis
All lyrics by Chris Catanzaro
Graphic design by Colin Marks (
Logo by Tom Denney (

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