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ReinXeed - "The Light" (European Release)

Rivel Records/ CM Sweden (#RRCD036) - June 20th, 2008

June 20th, 2008

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ReinXeed - "The Light"
Rivel Records/ CM Sweden - June 20th, 2008
01. The Light (5:17)
02. Legacy (4:27)
03. Great Hall of ReinXeed (4:54)
04. Magic Night (5:40)
05. Eternity (4:35)
06. Shyrheny (6:17)
07. Northern Sky (4:51)
08. Kingdom Fall (4:21)
09. End of This Journey (10:14)
10. Heavenly Fire (2:54)

Total Playtime: 53:30
REINXEED - "The Light" - Biography 2008
The story of ReinXeed started place in a town called Boden in the North of Sweden. ReinXeed is Tommy Johansson’s musical creation and vision and finally will see the light with it’s debut album The Light.

Tommy Johansson started to play guitar at the age of nine after he’d seen Gary Moore’s video “Out in the Fields” and singing at the age of 15 when he was introduced to Skid Row’s track “18 And Life”. His days of soft rock were over when he first heard Helloween and Stratovarius.

After some years in a music school, Tommy had become more of a "all man musician" who could play almost everything descent guitar, piano, singing, drums, bass guitar and also flute! His songwriting had of course developed to a more advanced level. In 2006, he decided that movie soundtracks mixed with melodic Power Metal would be very cool music to compose and record. He got his own studio together, started to record these songs again with a better quality, and put them up on his MySpace site. By doing that, Daniel Eskilsson drummer and band leader of the Swedish melodic power metal band Majestic Vanguard heard Tommy’s songs and set him in touch with Christian Liljegren of Rivel Records / CM Sweden. Jani Stefanovic from Divinefire and Essend Of Sorrow co-produced & mixed the album and handled all the drums on the album.

This is the first chapter of the ReinXeed history and the band is really looking forward for the future of touring and recording albums.

The ReinXeed concept story of The Light

“This is a story between good and evil, where greed and power are united to conquer both sides into one dark place. “ReinXeed – The Light” is a story of the real life we live today, but summarized into metaphors in a story of two kingdoms, Reindhill and Heelh. Once they were united as one, God had sent them a flower to grow called Langarin who had a healing divine power and were used for good only. But greed fell over the land of Heelh and they lay claim to the Langarin, and the harmony between them ended in silence. Reindhill got the quest from God to retain the goodness and restore the line between good and evil, for the prophecy of a perfect world had to be...” Tommy Johansson
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