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Oh, Sleeper - "Children Of Fire"

Solid State Records - September 27, 2011

September 27th, 2011


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Oh, Sleeper - "Children Of Fire"
Solid State Records - September 27, 2011

01. Endseekers (3:06) - [Lyric Video]
02. Shed Your Soul (2:36)
03. The Marriage of Steel and Skin (2:56) - [Lyric Video]
04. Hush Yael (4:28) - [Lyric Video] - [Background Info]
05. The Conscience Speaks (1:12)
06. Dealers of Fame (2:57)
07. Means to Believe (3:14)
08. In the Wake of Pigs (3:09)
09. Claws of a God (2:42)
10. The Family Ruin (3:31)
11. Chewing the Stitch (3:07)
12. Children of Fire (3:29)

Total Playtime: 36:27


Shane Blay
(guitar / vocals), Micah Kinard (vocals), Zac Mayfield (drums), James Erwin (guitar), Nate Grady (bass)

OH, SLEEPER - "Children Of Fire" - Biography 2011
Oh, Sleeper stands armed and ready for domination. Children of Fire, their third album for Solid State Records, is a career-defining mission statement further establishing them in the heavy music pantheon.

From the opening salvo of "Endseekers" to the melodic bombast of "Hush Yael" through to the album’s epic conclusion, which arrives in the form of the blistering title track, Children of Fire paints a horrific picture of a world gone mad which can only be redeemed through the hope of pure truth. Upping the stakes of the conceptual storyline woven throughout their last album, Son of the Morning, the Texas based band has meticulously crafted a dozen songs that explore grand themes while anchored in basic human struggle.

Longstanding founding members Micah Kinard (vocals), James Erwin (guitar) and Shane Blay (guitar / vocals) returned to longtime collaborator and producer Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Haste The Day) with a devastating new rhythm section in tow, which includes powerhouse young drummer Zac Mayfield. Together they assembled what now stands as a singular, cohesive, fluid body of work with an aggressive pulse that pushes extreme music forward. Children of Fire will most assuredly reinvigorate the genre in many ways.

"In the Wake of Pigs," "Claws of a God" and "Dealers of Fame" are among the new tracks that boast a commitment to combining anthemic certitude with thoughtful contemplation and introspection. There is no stone left unturned with the band’s self-examination both musically and lyrically.

Kinard and Blay (ex-Between the Buried and Me) offer the most potent scream/sing combinations put to record since the most classic releases from Thrice, Glassjaw and Underoath. Expertly executed musicianship in the drums, guitar and bass department are all over the album. Children of Fire offers hope through an exploration of apocalyptic themes and the ongoing struggle of good vs. evil.

Children of Fire was mixed by Machine (Lamb Of God, Chiodos), which resulted in an extra layer of aesthetic absolutism. Oh, Sleeper sounds confident, proud and unashamed of their furious songs which twist and turn across a broad spectrum of emotion, displaying technical ability and memorable songcraft in equal measure.

Oh, Sleeper has built a dedicated international fanbase on tours with Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Every Time I Die, Demon Hunter, Silverstein, Finch and more. Their "broken pentagram" symbol has become synonymous with breaking from societal norms, uplifting spirits and merging melody with might.

The Armored March EP announced the arrival of Oh, Sleeper upon the heavy music scene with raw power. Their debut full-lenght album, When I Am God, sold over 30,000 copies based on the strength of its songs, the group’s live show and the music video for "Vices Like Vipers," which remains a staple of the group’s setlist.

The broken pentagram symbol made its first appearance on the bold cover for Son of the Morning. The graphic quite literally subverts an "evil" symbol by breaking off the top points, in direct reference to the line "I’ll cut off your horns!" which Kinard screams while posturing as the voice of God against the devil. Many fans have connected with the purpose associated with this new symbol and have tattooed it upon their bodies.

Children of Fire is exactly the album Oh, Sleeper fans have expected and the type of record that will widen the band’s audience even further. There’s no compromise in sound or vision, but rather, refinement of intent.


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