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Life In Your Way - "Kingdoms" (3-CD) (FREE Digital Download)

Kingdom Records / Come&Live! - October 25, 2011

October 25th, 2011

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LIFE IN YOUR WAY - "Kingdoms" (3-CD) (Kingdom Records / Come&Live! - October 25, 2011)


Disc 1 - The Kingdom of Man

01. Forever (3:32)
02. Blind in Retrospect (3:25)
03. Growth in Passion (3:30)
04. Forsaken Me (2:34)
(feat. guest vocals by Matt Wentworth of Our Last Night)

Disc 2 - The Kingdom of Darkness

05. Ruler of the Air (3:20) - [Audio Stream]
(feat. guest vocals by Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red)
06. Take Notes (3:28)
07. Swarm (2:45)
08. Buried Idols (3:01)

Disc 3 - The Kingdom of God

09. Induction (0:55)
10. Who I Am (2:35)
11. Like a River (3:35) - [Audio Stream]
12. The Healer (3:30) - [Audio Stream]
13. Ascension (4:37)
(feat. guest vocals by Joel Davis of Ascend The Hill)
(feat. percussion by Matt Greiner of August Burns Red)

Total Playtime: 40:47


From left to right: Jeremy Kellam (bass), Dave Swanson [solo also known as The Frozen Ocean]
(guitar, vocals), Todd Mackey (guitar, vocals), James Allen (guitar, vocals), Andy Nelson
[formerly of Wrench In The Works] (drums), Joshua Kellam (lead vocals)
LIFE IN YOUR WAY - "Kingdoms" (3-CD) - Biography 2011

“Life In Your Way is a hardcore band with over a decade of experience playing for crowds throughout the world.

After releasing records for Indianola Records (2003 and 2005) and Solid State Records (2007), and a short hiatus in 2008, the band has reformed to return to its original calling of making the name of Jesus known to a generation who has the power to change the world.

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons” are the words Jesus used when he instructed the disciples to go to the lost and tell them that the Kingdom of God is near. Life in Your Way believes that God still moves and is ready to overcome our circumstances. Kingdoms is a testament to God’s moving faithfulness in our own lives and a call to a generation that is ready for the same."



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Life In Your Way is:
Joshua Kellam: vocals
James Allen: vocals, guitar
Todd Mackey: vocals, guitar
Dave Swanson: vocals, guitar
Jeremy Kellam: bass
Andrew Nelson: percussion

Additional performers:
Gregory Thomas: bass
Matt Greiner: percussion
Matt Wentworth: guest vocals on ‘Forsaken Me’
Jake Luhrs: guest vocals on ‘Ruler of the Air’
Joel Davis: guest vocals on ‘Ascension’

Produced & engineered by Gregory Thomas, Dave Swanson and Life In Your Way
Assistant engineer: Chris Teti
Assistant drum producer: Matt Greiner
Recorded at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT
Mixed by Matt Wentworth at The Impact Studio in Hollis, NH
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Art direction/design by Bryan Minear & Life In Your Way
Kingdoms concept by The Holy Spirit for Life In Your Way

Crew vocals:
David Scribellito, Adam Bult, Nathan Barnard, Joe Di Guglielmo, Steve Powers, Zach Pelletier, Rob Johnson, Christopher Wilson, Ian Cooke, Christian Correa, Josh Peck, Jesse O’Neil, Josh Kurts, Ray Frazier, Zack Merrill, Tim Norman, Mike McKinniss & Benjamin Toalston


Our perfect Father God, Jesus our wonderful Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit which graces us daily.

All of our wonderful parents & families, Rebecca Kellam, Stacey Allen, Grace Mackey, Stacy Kellam, Noah Kellam, Jen Nelson, Liz Swanson, Cash & Vivi, Greg Thomas & Silver Bullet Studios, Chris Teti, Matt Wentworth & The Impact Studio, West West Side Music and Mastering, Matt Greiner, Jake Luhrs, Joel Davis, Bryan Minear, Chad & Beth Johnson, Team Come&Live!, Andy Reale, our past members, Angry Bees, Jason McCutchen, Corey Stroffolino, Daryl Beecher, Rob & Gina Johnson, Scott Jenson, Nick Torzsa, Wellspring Church, all of our Kickstarter backers & executive producers, Derek Brooks & Ernie Ball, Gibson Guitars, Orange Amplification, Guitar Center Manchester, & SweetWater.


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"Kingdoms" Record Release Parties Flyer

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