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Hundredth - "Let Go" (Digipak)

Mediaskare Records - September 27, 2011

September 27th, 2011

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Hundredth - "Let Go"
Mediaskare Records - September 27, 2011

01. Let Go (0:27)
02. Weathered Town (3:21)
03. Live Today (3:40) - [Audio Stream]
04. We Can Take Them All (3:24)
05. Carry On (3:47)
06. Humane (3:20)
07. Remain & Sustain (3:22)
08. Monumental Part I (2:59)
 (incl. an original audio sample of C.S. Lewis giving a broadcasted sermon)
09. Monumental Part II (3:10)
10. I Hold the Key (3:23)
11. Restless (4:13) - [Audio Stream]
 (feat. guest vocals by Cody Bonnette of As Cities Burn / Hawkboy)
12. Soul (4:24) (silence until 8:49)

Hidden Track:

13. Hurt [Johnny Cash cover] (4:51) - ["Hurt" release presentation]

Total Playtime: 48:46


From left to right: Andrew Minervini (guitar), John Paul (J.P.) Gressman (bass),
Chadwick Johnson (vocals), Matt Koontz (drums), Alex Blackwell (guitar, vocals)
HUNDREDTH - "Let Go" - Biography 2011

“Seven of our friends died within a period of six months while we were touring.“ Hundredth vocalist Chadwick explains the significance of the bands’ upcoming full-length album title Let Go on Mediaskare Records. “In 2009 seven friends of the band passed away one right after the other, one was murdered, one died in a car accident, one was a suicide, one was an overdose and it goes on. We were on tour most of the year following (playing just under 200 shows) and didn’t really get a chance to deal with the emotions of it until we got home. When we were writing our new album, a lot of those feelings came up, negative feelings that were holding onto us. Writing these songs and talking about it really exorcised those feelings, so the album is really about letting go of the things that hold you back.” The new songs definitely reflect the aggression and emotion of the period stepping up the intensity and hardcore punk speed of 2010’s debut When Will We Surrender while cutting back on the metal tinges and keeping the strong melodic element that the band is known for.

Hundredth, which also includes Alex (guitar), Andrew (guitar), Koontz (drums) and JP (bass), recorded the majority of the album themselves at the Mediaskare studios in Los Angeles. Hailing from Myrtle Beach, SC, Hundredth formed in 2008 and a strong part of their identity is their humanitarian beliefs and positive spirit. Chadwick admits “Some bands write songs with messages so they can be popular, but I really try to balance the positive with the realistic in our lyrics.” Songs like “Restless” on the new album deal with “me being spiritually jaded” says Chadwick. That particular song also benefits from guest vocals from Cody Bonnete of the band As Cities Burn. On the song “Humane” Chadwick speaks on people blindly pledging allegiance to something out of tradition, without questioning it’s integrity or intentions.

The band’s comment on the album release day via their Facebook page:

“Man, what a release day... So many amazing comments and so much support. Above links, likes, sales, videos, promotion, posts, pictures, and all of that temporary crap, this album exists to enable and encourage people to unlock their potential and follow dreams. But not only to selfishly focus on ourselves and our dreams, but to help enable those who are less fortunate in either their resources or self-esteem. This whole thing is a band and we play music, but this is the beginning of an underground movement. A shift in ideals and how our generation sees and thinks about things. I hope that is one of the most prevalent things on "Let Go." That it’s time for change. It’s time to start treating each other humanely, regardless of our race, reputation, nationality or differing beliefs. It’s time to re-think revenge. It’s time for a revolution."


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Longsleeve back print: "It’s monumental for us to rise to the surface, just to breathe in some reality. We’ve been drowning in uncertainty."

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Hoodie back print: "It’s monumental for us to rise to the surface, just to breathe in some reality. We’ve been drowning in uncertainty."

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All songs written and performed by HUNDREDTH,
except bonus track "Hurt" written by Trent Reznor and adapted by Johnny Cash

Produced by: Hundredth (Chadwick Johnson, Matt Koontz, Alex Blackwell)
Additional Production by: Ryan Leitru
Executive Producer: Baron Bodnar
Engineered by: Taylor Voeltz
Additional Engineering: Chadwick Johnson, Alex Blackwell
Bass performed by: John Paul Gressman
Additional vocals on "Restless" by: Cody Bonnette (As Cities Burn, Hawkboy)


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