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Destroy The Runner - "I, Lucifer"

feat. Chad Ackermann of Austrian Death Machine | Solid State Records (TND10964)

April 15th, 2008

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Destroy The Runner - "I, Lucifer"
Solid State Records - April 15th, 2008
01. Crumbs For The Murder (3:32)
02. Isabella’s (3:44)
03. Mr. And Mrs. Cuckoldom (3:52)
04. A Bag Of Marbles (3:00)
05. I, Lucifer (3:42)
06. It’s Always Cold In Paris (2:36)
07. A Pathetic Psalm (3:59)
08. Luxuria (3:20)
09. On Falling Leaf (3:45)
10. A Novel Of War (2:48)
11. A Mountain So Big, A Question So Small (4:32)
DESTROY THE RUNNER - "I, Lucifer" - Biography 2008
There comes a time in every artist’s life in which he must find himself through his medium. He must pry himself from any hint of reliance upon others and their art, and embrace who he is and what he was born to create.

Such is the case for Destroy The Runner, and their sophomore effort, ‘I, Lucifer’. Much like Radiohead with ‘OK Computer’ or U2 with ‘Joshua Tree’, Destroy The Runner have birthed a giant with ‘I, Lucifer’. 2006 saw the release of their debut album ‘Saints’, and while a solid effort, the record did not point towards a band satisfied with their sound, but rather, one developing it. ‘I, Lucifer’ sees Destroy The Runner as a band fully realized. The release boasts a radiant originality that is almost nonexistent in a practically dormant music scene.

“We realized very quickly after the release of ‘Saints’ that our musical passion had shifted” explains the band. “We knew we needed to do something on our own terms, regardless of what people thought or wanted to hear. We needed to be who we really were and make an album that reflected that.” That album, ‘I, Lucifer’, is set to change the face of aggressive music as we all know it. Full of an unbridled passion and energy, the album does not let up throughout its 11 tracks. Each track shines with a uniqueness and feel unlike its predecessor, but the album flows soundlessly. ‘I, Lucifer’ is something that artistically has not been attempted, much less fully realized, by any of the bands peers. This is the album that will put Destroy The Runner on the map and solidify a position as a forerunner of aggressive music.

Prepare yourselves.
All music and lyrics written by Destroy The Runner
2008 What If This Was Real? Publishing (ASCAP)

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Brian McTernan
Recorded at Salad Days (Fells Point, MD)
Pro Tools Engineering by Paul Leavitt
Engineer assisted by Mike Schleibaum
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NY

Photography by Jerad Knudson (
Art Direction & Design by Jordan Butcher
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