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Becoming The Archetype - "The Physics Of Fire"

Solid State Records

May 8th, 2007

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Becoming The Archetype - "The Physics Of Fire"
Solid State Records - May 8th, 2007

01. Epoch of War (The Physics of Fire Pt 3) (3:16)
02. Immolation (5:29)
03. Autopsy (4:08)
04. The Great Fall (The Physics of Fire Pt 1) (4:10)
05. Nocturne [Instrumental] (3:19)
06. The Monolith (3:46)
07. Construct and Collapse (4:58)
08. Endure (2:50)
09. Fire Made Flesh (The Physics of Fire Pt 2) (4:29)
10. Second Death (6:03)
11. The Balance of Eternity (The Physics of Fire Pt 4) (8:49)
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE - "The Physics Of Fire" - Biography 2007
Becoming The Archetype is back to pulverize the senses of metal fanatics worldwide and to, as the saying goes, "Bang The Head That Does Not Bang." After two long years on the road promoting their jaw-dropping debut, "Teminate Damnation", the Atlanta based progressive death metal band has crafted what will prove to be their defining work: the blistering sophomore album, "The Physics of Fire."

Crafted with producer Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder, The Agony Scene, Scarlet) at the helm, "The Physics of Fire" further explores the band’s more progressive side, while delivering all of the ferocity their fans have come to expect.

Longtime Aletheian guitarist/ songwriter Alex Kenis has come onboard the newly retooled lineup, which re-imagined Becoming The Archetype as a lean and mean four-piece. In addition to his apparent mastery of the guitar, Kenis also brings the element of melodic vocals, an area previously unexplored by the group.

Alex’s guitar and vocal presence — together with bassist Jason Wisdom’s even more crushing lead vocals, Brent Duckett’s fluid and innovative percussion work and the versatile songwriting capabilities of "Count" Seth Hecox on both guitar and keyboard — elevates Becoming The Archetype above their peers and into the ranks of some of metal’s most well-established forefathers.

On the heels of Demon Hunter’s "Undying" tour and a European jaunt with The Chariot, Becoming The Archetype and their "The Physics of Fire" is set to light the metal world ablaze with its thundering power.

"If more metal bands chose the path of Becoming The Archetype, the world would be a better place." —Chris Pandolfo (
from left to right: "Count" Seth Hecox (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals), Brent "Duck" Buckett (drums),
Jason Wisdom (vocals, bass), Alex Kenis (guitars)
Produced by Andreas Magnusson & Becoming The Archetype
Engineered by Andreas Magnusson & Chris Dowhan
Recorded at Planet Red Studios, Richmond, VA
November 28th, 2006 - January 15th, 2007
Mixed by Andreas Magnusson
Mastered by Troy Glessner
Demos recorded at Istari Studio, Whitehall, PA

Art Direction by Invisible Creature
Design by Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature (
Art concept by Jason Wisdom
Band photography by David Stuart for David Stuart Photography

All music by Alex Kenis & Count Seth
All lyrics by Jason Wisdom
All songs 2007 Becoming The Archetype Music (ASCAP) /
Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)
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