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Becoming The Archetype - "Celestial Completion"

Solid State Records - March 29, 2011 - {Lyrics Video for second new song "Cardiac Rebellion" (feat. Dennis Culp of Five Iron Frenzy on trombone) added; New 2011 Band Photo, Band Quotes about first two new songs, and Link to 1st Studio Video Blog added | 2011 Biography, Links to new 2011 Blogs, and Pre-Order added: CD + T-Shirt | First new song "The Magnetic Sky" posted on Facebook, MySpace and Album Site | Hi-res Album Cover added}

March 29th, 2011


Produced & mixed by Matt Goldman. Cover artwork by Dan Seagrave, who also did 2005’s Terminate Damnation.

The album title Celestial Completion was inspired by an EXTOL song of the same name from 1998’s Burial album.
Vocalist Jason Wisdom had the idea to use this title. To read the original Extol lyrics & listen to the song click here!

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Becoming The Archetype - "Celestial Completion"

Solid State Records - March 29, 2011

01. The Resonant Frequency of Flesh (2:11)
02. The Magnetic Sky (4:25)
03. Internal Illumination (5:10) - [Live Video]
04. Path of the Beam (5:00)
05. Music of the Spheres: Requiem Aeternam I [Instrumental] (1:33)
06. Elemental Wrath: Requiem Aeternam II (7:51)
07. Xenosynthesis: Requiem Aeternam III (3:16)
08. Invisible Creature [Instrumental] (0:41)
09. Cardiac Rebellion (5:17) [Lyrics Video]
(guest appearance by Dennis Culp of Five Iron Frenzy on trombone)
10. Reflect/Refract (4:37)
11. Breathing Light (6:32)

Total Playtime: 46:33

The term Requiem Aeternam is Latin and means "Eternal Rest".

From left to right: Brent "Duck" Duckett (drums), Daniel Gailey (guitar, vocals), Jason Wisdom
(lead vocals, bass), Seth "Count Seth" Hecox (guitar, keyboard, clean vocals)

BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE - "Celestial Completion" - Biography 2011

There are a lot of things one must understand about Becoming The Archetype in order to fully appreciate their music, and all of them can learned from the band’s mascot: Clifton the Beardskull.

One, the Atlanta, GA quartet are metal through and through. Two, Becoming The Archetype take their music very seriously, but maintain a sense of humor. And three, they’re not afraid to challenge listeners with new and complex ideas. (Example, how did that skull grow a beard? The world may never know.)

The only thing that can drive home those points better than Clifton the Beardskull is Becoming The Archetype’s latest LP, Celestial Completion – a wildly ferocious, relentlessly creative and breathtakingly risky album that will redefine the band for fans, skeptics and critics alike. Like BTA, it, too, is uncompromisingly metal, it shows a sense of playfulness and it pushes the limits of heavy music to the very breaking point. There are horns. There is Middle Eastern sitar. There is a choir of sopranos. Needless to say, paint-by-numbers metal this is not. But one bone-crushingly heavy, imaginative tour de force it certainly is.

“Becoming The Archetype has championed a great juxtaposition between heavy music and world music on Celestial Completion,” explains guitarist, pianist and vocalist Count Seth. “Complete with BTA-patent keyboards, epic riffs and Jason Wisdom’s incredible lead vocals, all the elements of great music are firing on all cylinders.”

It’s difficult to determine which is Becoming The Archetype’s greater feat – championing the collision of blistering metal riffage and Indian tablas, or doing so without it sounding pretentious. For BTA, it was simply a matter of operating the way they always do: openly and honestly, with an ever-present sense of adventure.

“We love to make music that is not only aggressive, but is also beautiful and thought-provoking. There’s not much to listen to right now that expands the sound in metal. We had the desire and the ability and the resources to make that happen,” Count Seth explains. “We shot for the stars and struck gold!”

When it comes to shooting for the stars, Celestial Completion is unparallelled. Lyrically, the album addresses the apocalypse as a moment of promise, the beginning of a journey to the heavens that completes the spiritual journey begun on Earth. Musically, it extends the ferociously creative path Becoming The Archetype have forged in the course of their three previous albums for Solid State Records. Epitomizing Celestial Completion’s sonic adventure is the “Requiem Aeternum” trilogy sandwiched in the middle of the album, a three-part concept that ranges from an aching piano interlude to an 8-minute epic rock song that features vocoder vocals, savage riffages and a touch of jazz to a brutally aggressive mass of metal highlighted by church organ and operatic vocals.

Making an enormous impact on the record alongside Count Seth, Wisdom and drummer Duck are newly recruited 22-year-old guitarist Daniel Gailey (whom Seth describes as “an injection of nitro”) and producer Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot, Anberlin), who helped to bring Becoming The Archetype’s grand ambitions to life. And those ambitions don’t stop with the writing and recording of an amazing album. They extend to the listening experience, and to the listeners themselves.

“We hope people connect with the songs on Celestial Completion on a deeply emotional and spiritual level,” Count Seth says. “We want the guy or girl buying the CD to take it home and listen to it and connect in a way that helps define who they are and how they view the universe. We want people to feel excitement about what the world may hold for them and what they’re capable of. We want people to experience hope.”

With Celestial Completion, Becoming The Archetype are proving once again that they’re not afraid to shoot for the stars. And with the help of their rabid fan base, they’ll capture those stars once and for all.


Solid State art director
Ryan Clark about the cover (view the full resolution here (1500x1500):

"For Celestial Completion we called upon the incredibly talented Dan Seagrave, who had also created the artwork for Becoming The Archetype’s debut album, Terminate Damnation. For us, this was a bit of a ’return to the roots.’ Dan never ceases to amaze with every piece that he creates, and unlike most fine artists, is friendly, easy to work with, accepting of direction, and best of all, on time."


The band about the first released song, "THE MAGNETIC SKY":

As guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist "Count" Seth Hecox explains, "The Magnetic Sky" is good introduction to the wild metal adventure of Celestial Completion – it’s not exactly what you would call standard metal, but neither does it become as completely unhinged as other album tracks. "’Magnetic Sky’ features a healthy dose of Jason’s (Wisdom, vocalist/bassist) vocal range and style, as well as clean vocals by Daniel (Gailey, guitarist) and me," Hecox explains. "It’s got a lot of the elements that this record has, but doesn’t go off the deep end in terms of experimentation. That makes it a good first impression for both longtime fans and recent fans."

Giving a glimpse into an unorthodox writing process that yields unorthodox results, Seth continues: "Jason would walk around singing ’riffs’ into his phone to remember them. Then he would go to Daniel and say, ’I got this idea for a riff that goes ’bing, bing, bicki bing, bicki bing, bicki bing bing’ and poor Daniel would have to figure out how to translate the sounds Jason made with his mouth come out of his guitar."

The band about the second released song, "CARDIAC REBELLION":

"’Cardiac Rebellion’ was the last song written for Celestial Completion," explains vocalist/bassist Jason Wisdom. "It is, without question, the most experimental track that we have ever put on a BTA record. The vocals are all over the map, ranging from whispers to gut-busting gang vocals and beyond. The whole track is a game of numbers – groupings of 2’s, 3’s and 4’s that flip around with each consecutive riff. That is, at least until the listener enters the "black hole" that opens up around the 3-minute-mark and their consciousness is transferred through a portal filled with beautiful guitar harmonies, to an alternate dimension where Becoming The Archetype is not a metal band, but actually....a ska band? Dennis Culp, of Five Iron Frenzy fame, lends his trombone to the track. It’s a Cardiac Rebellion! Will you join the revolution?"

Select praise for Becoming The Archetype’s previous album, Dichotomy:

“Becoming The Archetype have now stepped up and taken the crown as the most epic metalcore band in the genre... There’s no doubt they are pushing the envelope, creating the most unique sounds in modern metalcore, and diversifying the scene.” -Decoy

"Becoming the Archetype continue to give discriminating listeners hope... This is recommended" -Exclaim!

“I had high expectations with this release, and I can say all those expectations were met, dare I say, even surpassed... [BTA] has so much melody and continuity throughout their songs [that] you’ll be left with your jaw dropped” - Indie Vision Music

“One of the finest metal records released in recent memory. Crushing mosh-pit style breakdowns, steady underlying synth (ala Bleeding Through) and just enough clean singing make up a lot of the disc, just a few reasons why it’ll go a long way to satisfy each and every metal fan.” -Innocent Words

“Taking the best parts of metalcore, the extremity of death metal, and the melodies of electronic music... Becoming the Archetype represents the quintessential changing of the guard in modern extreme music”
-All Metal Resource


EXTOL - Celestial Completion (released in 1998 on the album Burial)

The biological struggle is coming to an end.
Tears and sorrow in the eyes of the beloved.

Spirit rising underneath a carcass, marked with the signs of time.
Floating away into another dimension, travelling with the speed of sound.
Reaching a wonderful place under a deep blue sky.

No fear, no pain. Just peace and harmony. Majestic music filling the air.

Millions of colourful flowers covering the ground.

A tall companion in shiny white clothes beside me.
A warm dazzling light makes me feel whole,
As all my longings are satisfied by the power that runs through it.

I bow down to the source of the light and I hear a vigorous voice.

"Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things.
I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your Master’s happiness."



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