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August Burns Red - "Messengers" (Vinyl) (Limited Edition)

CI Records - Limited to 1500 copies

April 8th, 2008

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August Burns Red - "Messengers"
Limited Edition Vinyl (1500 copies)
CI Records (#CI048) - April 8th, 2008
01. The Truth of a Liar (4:11)
02. Up Against the Ropes (5:03)
03. Back Burner (3:42)
04. The Blinding Light (5:27)
05. Composure (4:13)
06. Vital Signs (3:17)
07. The Eleventh Hour (4:05)
08. The Balance (3:20)
09. Black Sheep (3:53)
10. An American Dream (4:41)
11. Redemption (6:16)
12. Mosley [Bonus Track]
CI Records To Release August Burns Red’s "Messengers" on LP
Sophomore album by Lancaster, PA natives to be released on vinyl by hometown label.

Feb. 27, 2008 – Since releasing a 5-song CD on CI Records in August of 2004, the Lancaster, PA based AUGUST BURNS RED have become a dominant force in the national underground metal scene, further entrenching themselves with the completion of their second album, Messengers, for metal powerhouse label Solid State.

"With Messengers, we were able to make the album we had always wanted to make," explains guitarist JB Brubaker. "We’re really excited about the response we have gotten both critically and from our fans, and we hope that we’re able to bring this record to as many ears as possible."

Pursuant to that goal, AUGUST BURNS RED and CI Records are proud to continue their working relationship with a vinyl release of Messengers. Pressed in a limited quantity of 1500, released on colored vinyl and containing a bonus track unavailable on the CD or anywhere else, the LP is going to be a must-have for fans of the band.
"I’ve been a vinyl collector for a long time and I’ve always wanted to release our albums on LP," states an enthused Brubaker. "I’m so glad CI Records was excited about the idea and is bringing it to life. It’s going to be a really cool addition to anyone’s ABR collection."

In an industry littered with stepping stones and "what have you done for me lately" mentalities, the continued relationship between a label and a band that has moved on to another label is an increasing rarity. Fortunately, ABR and CI seem intent on bucking the trend.

"The guys at CI have been close to us since the beginning of this band," Brubaker continues. "It’s awesome that even after we’ve moved on to a different label, we’re able to continue working together through lots of different outlets. CI not only put out our first EP, but they’ve provided us with tour crew and done production for our hometown shows – and now they’re releasing our latest full-length on LP. It only makes sense for them to be responsible for this release and for us to continue working together."

The "Messengers" LP hits stores April 8, 2008.
About CI Records: Based out of Lancaster, PA, CI is not only an internationally distributed record label, but a production company and road management company providing crew members for touring bands. As a label, CI has worked with such veteran acts as THE JULIANA THEORY, ONELINEDRAWING, SENSE FIELD and more, as well as helping to launch the careers of bands like AUGUST BURNS RED, THE PINK SPIDERS, ONCE NOTHING, SADAHARU and others.
JB Brubaker (guitar), Dustin Davidson (bass), Jake Luhrs (vocals), Brent Rambler (guitar), Matt Greiner (drums)

Produced by Tue Madsen & August Burns Red
Mixed by Tue Madsen
Mastered by Troy Glessner
Recorded at Rebel Waltz Recording Co. and
Sound Kitchen in Franklin, TN

Art Direction by Invisible Creature
Design by Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature
Cover Photo by Jerad Knudson
Band Photo by Dave Hill

All Songs and Lyrics written and performed by August Burns Red
2007 Eggroom Publishing (ASCAP)/
Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)
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