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August Burns Red - "Looks Fragile After All" EP

CI Records - August 24th, 2004

August 24th, 2004

"Looks Fragile After All" EP - [View Physical CD & Album Artwork]
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August Burns Red - "Looks Fragile After All" EP
CI Records (#CI038) - August 24th, 2004
1. Background Music To Her Awakening (4:11)
2. Missing This Opporunity (5:30)
3. Glory Thrives (3:43)
4. You Should Be Taking Flight Now (4:21)
5. Accidental Shot Heard ’Round The World (5:45)

Total Playtime: 23:30
Matt Greiner (drums), Jordan Tuscan (bass), Brent Rambler (guitar), JB Brubaker (guitar), Jon Hershey (vocals)
AUGUST BURNS RED - "Looks Fragile After All" EP - Release Information 2004
The debut release from Pennsylvania’s August Burns Red. Blending brutal metallic hardcore and unrelenting breakdowns without losing melody, Looks Fragile After All delivers with one of the few debut releases that has the maturity and feel of a band that has been around for years.
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