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AS I LAY DYING - "Awakened" - (Limited Deluxe Edition) (CD+DVD) (Bonus Tracks) (Expanded Liner Notes with Track By Track Commentary from All Band Members) (Digibook)

Metal Blade Records - September 25, 2012

September 25th, 2012

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AS I LAY DYING - "Awakened" (Deluxe Edition) (CD+DVD) - (Metal Blade Records)

Audio CD:

01. Cauterize (3:38) – [Lyric Video]

02. A Greater Foundation (3:46)
 _ _[Music Video] – [Audio Stream]
 _ _[30-sec Preview Snippet]

03. Resilience (4:07)
 _ _[30-sec Preview Snippet]

04. Wasted Words (4:21)
 _ _[30-sec Preview Snippet]

05. Whispering Silence (4:30)
 _ _[50-sec Preview Snippet]

06. Overcome (4:36)
 _ _[50-sec Preview Snippet]

07. No Lungs to Breathe (4:04)
 _ _[50-sec Preview Snippet]

08. Defender (4:04)
 _ _[50-sec Preview Snippet]

09. Washed Away [Instrum.] (1:01)
 _ _[50-sec Preview Snippet]

10. My Only Home (4:05)
 _ _[50-sec Preview Snippet]

11. Tear Out My Eyes (4:37)
 _ _[40-sec Preview Snippet]

Total Playtime: 42:49

Bonus Tracks

12. Unwound ["Awakened" B-side Demo] (3:58)

13. A Greater Foundation [Extended Demo Version] 3:58

Bonus DVD

01. Making of "Awakened" (*)

02. I Never Wanted - (Official Music Video) (*)

03. Parallels - (Official Music Video)

04. Anodyne Sea - (Official Music Video) (*)

05. Behind the Scenes of "Anodyne Sea" Video Shoot

06. Electric Eye [Judas Priest cover] - (Music Video) (*)

07. Paralyzed - (Official Music Video)

08. Cauterize - (Official Lyric Video)

Digibook Specifics:

+ Primapak Packaging
+ Exclusive Photos
+ Expanded Liner Notes including
 _track by track commentary
 _from all band members

(*) Further details about Bonus DVD content:

01. Making of "Awakened"
17-minute video documentary featuring the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the writing & recording process of "Awakened". Commentary provided by all five members divulges the specifics behind their respective contributions and the roles of their band-mates. Filmed on location at The Blasting Room and Lambesis Studios, the DVD offers an intimate look at As I Lay Dying’s experience of creating their sixth full length record. Directed and Edited by the bands’ guitarist Nick Hipa.

02. I Never Wanted - (Official Music Video)
The audio of this video is the shorter (and great!) Chris Lord-Alge remix version of the song from 2007 (stream in better quality here!), which was finally officially released digitally along with the "Cauterize" single in 2012. (If you can’t watch the video on YouTube, try this alternate link!)

04. Anodyne Sea - (Official Music Video)
Make sure to read the in-depth lyrics commentary from vocalist Tim Lambesis in the photos tab of the "The Powerless Rise" Book Facebook page. The book was included in the Super Deluxe Fan Box Set of their 2010 album "The Powerless Rise".

06. Electric Eye [Judas Priest cover] - (Official Music Video)
Watch the "Behind the Scenes of the Video Shoot" here! (not included on the DVD)

Artwork & Design:

After five releases with artwork by Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon, the band wanted to change things up a little bit for their meanwhile sixth studio album. For this album they decided to go with the French design company Metastazis, who also did the artwork for their label mates The Black Dahlia Murder’s album "Ritual". For "Awakened", Metastazis worked together with French artist Tiffanie Uldry.


L to R: Josh Gilbert (bass, vocals) [Facebook | Twitter], Jordan Mancino (drums) [Facebook | Twitter],
Tim Lambesis
(lead vocals) [Facebook | Twitter], Phil Sgrosso (guitar) [Facebook | Twitter],
Nick Hipa (guitar) [Facebook | Twitter]
AS I LAY DYING - "Awakened" - Biography 2012

Global metal titans As I Lay Dying kick off their second decade together with Awakened, the sixth and hands-down most powerful release of a stunning career. Seething with metallic vitriol, overflowing with energy, and rich with the kind of melody that irrevocably implants itself in the listener’s mind, it is the sound of a band pushing themselves to outdo everything that has come before, be it their own previous work, or that of their contemporaries, and daring all to do better.

From the flurry of blastbeats and mauled guitar that kick off opener "Cauterize" to the epic darkness of closer "Tear Out My Eyes", the musicianship and arrangements are consistently riveting, the band showcasing their strengths while subtly introducing thrilling new elements to their sound. "There’s nothing totally out of left-field, we just refined our songwriting and incorporated some ideas that bring a real freshness to the record," guitarist Phil Sgrosso states. "We wanted something that was a lot bigger and more open sounding, and that’s exactly what we achieved."

"Going into this one, in the back of my mind was always ’How are people going to react to this when we play it live?’ So there’s still plenty of fast stuff on this record, but there’s more grooves and some different vibes going on," Sgrosso explains.

Lyrically speaking, Awakened sees vocalist Tim Lambesis move away from the outward themes of The Powerless Rise, in favor of a more introspective approach.

While his lyrics have always had far more relevance to fans than those of most metal bands, delving deeper and rewarding repeat listens; Lambesis admits that Awakened is a far darker, more pessimistic beast. But this does not mean that there is not positivity to be found in this approach: "On this record, I wasn’t purposefully trying to be negative, but I think sometimes we have to be honest with some of the darker and more difficult times of our lives to get back to that positivity. While the lyrics do perhaps seem like a dark window into my soul, they’re written that way specifically because I want to move on and transcend those difficult moments in life."

Having previously worked with producer (and Killswitch Engage guitarist) Adam Dutkiewicz on 2007’s An Ocean Between Us and The Powerless Rise, Awakened is the first time that the band collaborated with producer (and punk rock legends The Descendents drummer) Bill Stevenson. With the likes of Rise Against, Comeback Kid, and NOFX on his production resumé, the choice of Stevenson as producer was an inspired one. "We wanted to work with somebody who was outside the box for our genre, but involved enough in underground music that they would understand the mentality of our band."

"Bill’s the perfect choice because he has that really rich history, but hasn’t been so entrenched in metal that he’s going to make clichéd suggestions." Sgrosso concurs with this, believing Stephenson’s outside perspective contributed to stronger songs and a more cohesive record overall. "Bill is a very intelligent guy, and he’ll be honest with you - if he’s not feeling it he’ll tell you straight, I’m just bored here, something else needs to happen. He’d look at a song and instinctively know what would improve it, and having that fresh perspective onboard helped so much."

While on their previous records the band spent an average of two months in the studio, this time out they had only a three and a half week window between tours to track all eleven songs. Understandably, this placed a great deal of pressure on the proceedings, but that pressure added to the urgency of the recordings, and in the band’s opinion, lead to a more streamlined, more aggressive, and overall better record. Sgrosso and Lambesis concur that it is also the first album by the band that all five members can wholly get behind. "On our past albums there’s always a couple of songs we dread getting requests for because they’re not our favorites to play live, but that’s not the case with this record. If we needed to choose five for a set we could pick any five and all of them would go over great live," Lambesis states. "This feels like a record that we could finally play from start to finish live" Sgrosso adds, "and the fact that we’ve managed to do that with this record makes us all extremely proud."
Biography written by Dan Slessor


01. Cauterize

The truth of my heart is like a repressed tale; a censored and silenced story.

Repression or restraint, it is a delicate balance;
between bleeding out what will make me drown,
and closing in what I cannot afford to spill.
Either way I must cauterize, cauterize the open wound.

I’m caught between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.
I’m caught between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.

And if these are the only options, this will always be hell, never ending.
Though I still may be breathing, there is no qualities of life.
So I choose to risk it all for you; for you to be by my side. (my side)

I’m caught between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.
I’m caught between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.

A crowd is easy to deceive, but now I am a patient on the table.
I’ll give you the knife. Cut away as you see fit.

Just promise me the patience to wait for me to heal.

I’m caught between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.
I’m caught between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.

I’m caught between the feeling... of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.

Commentary by vocalist / lyricist Tim Lambesis:

"’Cauterize’ uses imagery of a hospital patient in need of an operation. Metaphorically, there is some type of open wound, and that is my way of making it clear that help is needed. Surgery is delicate, requiring a trusted hand, in the same way that opening up to somebody about one’s weaknesses usually requires a trusted friend. Some people I meet are motivated to know me due to their curiosity about me, the public figure. My instinct is to close myself off, rather than speak the depths of my heart to people, most of whom I won’t be seeing longer than a tour. Whether intentional or not, there is a great deal of insincerity exchanged when people know they aren’t going to be around one another in the long term, even when they get into deeper topics. On the other hand, I wanted to take a step back and ask myself if I’m really close to anyone outside of my family anymore. It’s hard for me to justify opening up to some incredible friends I have, only because I know I won’t see them more than a handful of times per year. By the time I finished "Cauterize", it ended up being a letter to a hypothetical friend. It takes a tremendous amount of trust to have a friend like that, and when you share that bond with another person, you each have an obligation to help the other grow."


02. A Greater Foundation

Reality no longer battles perception. This letter’s written to no one.

Sincere, I sought your truth and divine purpose through myths of revelation.
Guidance all wrapped up in a paper box, supported only so long as my mind was the enemy.
I could not in conscience hold on.

As we face distress we must not lose heart. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits.
As we face distress we must not lose heart. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits us.

The powerful constant that I had once leaned on is no longer there. (no longer)
You call this shameful disbelief, a process like losing my closest friend.

As we face distress we must not lose heart. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits.
As we face distress we must not lose heart. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits us.

Sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart,
before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation.
We watch our whole lives... (Sometimes we have to watch our whole lives...)
...fall apart, (before we can rebuild them again,) rebuild them again (...a greater foundation).

I wish there was another way, but no amount of devotion can fix this.

Triumph awaits. Triumph awaits. Triumph awaits. Triumph awaits.... Triumph awaits.

Sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart,
before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation.
We watch our whole lives... fall apart (Sometimes we have to watch our whole lives...)
Rebuild them again... (...before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation).

Commentary by vocalist / lyricist Tim Lambesis:

"I wrote the lyrics to "A Greater Foundation" as a way to process some of the religious beliefs from my childhood that I had let go in exchange for finding truth. Every year that I had put toward my degree in Religious Studies caused me to see the god of tradition and ritual that I grew up with as less and less of a probable truth. By the time I graduated, my entire concept of the divine had changed as I sought to reconcile spirituality and reason. The more I sought truth uncorrupted by years of religious history, the more I kept finding answers I didn’t want to find. Emotionally, it would have been easiest for me to just hold on to what I grew up believing, but mentally that wasn’t an option anymore. In other words, my dedication couldn’t have been more earnest, but heart wasn’t the issue. Though I had lost so much of my history and felt that my world was falling apart, that was a necessary step toward building my entire way of thinking on the absolute best possible foundation. The hope found in these lyrics is described in the aftermath of demolition for those willing to start from scratch. Unfortunately, most people accept what they have been taught by either their schools or churches without question. Overall, I know that I can do what’s best for myself and those around me by seeking truth above anything else, even when teachings claim to be from god. Education is not God, but truth certainly does set people free."

Further commentary by Tim on his personal Tumblr page:

Clarification on “A Greater Foundation”
After the lyrics for “A Greater Foundation” were released I got a lot of questions about the meaning for the song. I was also told the lyrical commentary in the special edition [posted above] was too vague. In short, tradition and truth are often at odds with each other. Here’s all of the information I’ve written about it posted in one place:

In response to some Facebook posts…

“The god I grew up learning about was more like a creation of the 4th century emperor Constantine than anything of 1st century Judeo origin. In fact, the book Pagan Christianity does a pretty good job showing that both Protestant and Catholic denominations have poisonous roots (though, I don’t agree with the book’s conclusions of how to deal with that problem). While I do not agree with any large religious institution, I do respect people who sincerely want to trace their beliefs down to their uncorrupted historical root. Men like NFL star Reggie White (at the end of his life) were persecuted for seeking what he believed to be as truth, yet the reality is that he got closer to understanding the Messiah that most refer to by the Greek name Jesus than almost any man I’ve seen stand behind a pulpit. There’s not a single human being who has it all right, but often those most sincere in their search for truth are the first to be considered heretics. Additionally, some great minds began their subversive thinking because they are slightly crazy (like Lew White for example). Then you have to separate brilliance from conspiracy. The point I’m getting to is that I don’t hate all religious belief, yet it is very difficult for me to outline exactly who it is that’s worth siding with. The line has been blurred, but one thing is certain: I am still inspired by the words of the man who told us to “love our enemies” and to serve “the least of these.” Regardless of where a person stands religiously, that is simply a better way to live, full of compassion, and alleviating our selfish suffering as we put our energy into serving those worse off than ourselves.”

From a recent press release

“From a lyrical perspective, it’s always a bit surprising to see the fans reaction to the new songs. Some people feel that new songs like "A Greater Foundation" are more provocative than anything we’ve done before. Maybe it’s true - I wrote the lyrics, so I tend to only see how they apply to my life. But, I feel it’s something our long time followers would have expected and can relate to. I do not regret abandoning ritual or tradition in the search for truth. Everything has a beginning, and it’s been my goal to track each of my beliefs to its uncorrupted historical root. As we evolve, so does our perspective.”


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Tim Lambesis about Modern Rebellion Apparel:

“For many of us growing up, rebellion was a way to fight against what we felt were pointless and oppressive rules.

Times have changed.

Today we often submit to popular thinking without notice and believe that our greatest purpose is to serve ourselves. The truest form of rebellion left is to reject this mindset and live for something more. That is why I have partnered in starting Modern Rebellion.

What I profit from this endeavor goes to support orphanages that I have personally visited and benefits a group of people much more deserving than myself.

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