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January 19th, 2007, by Tobe

Having laid down a straight up high-voltage heavy metal show as the openers of the Dirty Southern Blood Tour in Stuttgart, Germany - The Showdown from Tennessee, USA sat down with me for a beer after the show to do a little interview that revealed that these guys don’t just play legit as legit heavy music, but are also some kind of monsters, like a yellow and black attack that wants you to git snake bit. Check it out! ;-)

So, the term Dirty Southern Blood, what does it mean to you, what’s your definition of it?


David (vocals): Well, I didn’t really came up with the name of the tour but to me it means just high-voltage heavy metal from people from the south, just to break it down. What’s going on tonight will be no different from what would be going on in USA. Just bringing it to another speck!


How much are you influenced by the Yellow And Black Attack [a.k.a. Stryper]? To bring it in one sentence, what does it mean to you?


Josh (guitar): ALOT!!!
David: We`re influenced 777%!!!


[laughing] Alright, so your upcoming new album, "Temptation Come My Way" was already described by the press as being the "legitimate follow-up to Metallica’s "Black Album" [read about that in German here]. What’s your standpoint on that?


All together: "Man it blew our minds!"...."Sounds good to us!"..."It’s killer!!!"...."I’ll take it!" ;-)
Josh: That’s probably, overall within the band, our favorite album, the "Black Album"! So that’s a huge compliment!!
Travis (guitars): Yeah it blew all our minds to have somebody say that!


I personally haven’t heard all the new songs yet, but I believe they say it rightly so. I really loved the songs that I heard so far!
Yet, one thing a friend of mine from the states said was: "If we could just have both The Showdown, the old And the new. I don’t wanna miss the old!" What’s your answer to that?


David [matter-of-factly]: Sorry!!!
[other guys laughing]


David: But I mean, it honestly is together because, I mean we still jam stuff off the old record. Especially when we headline, we play like 12 songs, like half-and-half! And we will always gonna be...we don’t even know what’s gonna come out the next record you know.


Just playing what you feel?


All together: "Yeah."..."Exactly."


Ok! Well, there’s a quote I wanted to give you... "fear is failure". What do you think about that?


David: I believe it! Do you believe that? [asking the other guys] We’re ever afraid of anything... If we were afraid we would never came on tour, I mean that’s straight up. Failure would be us at the house. That’s straight up. In every aspect of The Showdown... we try to not be afraid.


So claiming that you guys are the new "Yellow And Black Attack", what should people expect and why should people take you seriously?


David: I mean, because anytime people are having a good time, hopefully they’re taking that seriously, and we’re just trying to be a good time, you know what I mean? And when they have a good time and they hear our honest as good yellow and black attack message, I mean... that’s "Good times + Jam for the Lamb = 777", I mean that’s basically all I know... ;-)
Josh: Hopefully the music is just legit as legit. Because as for Stryper, the music was pretty legit. Seriously, I mean they threw bibles out, whatever, a little cheesy, like...we’ll leave that part out. But musically...


Can you promise that you keep the hair the way that you have it now? Not like the bubble gum hair that Stryper had? [our talk is now getting a little tongue-in-cheek ;-)]


Josh: As long as I’m in a band, my hair is going to keep growing. [pronouncing like he couldn’t care less] I don’t know about anyone else, but...


Yeah? So you wanna have a mane?


[other guys laughing]


Josh: Yeah. That’s the goal!!
David: I already have my hair longer than Matthew...[unfortunately the last name is hard to understand on tape], and I cut it off once!!


So in which aspects are you, David, "better" than James Hetfield (of Metallica)?!


[other guys going "ooooohhhh"]


David: Actually, this is an easy question....Have you ever seen that movie "Some Kind Of Monster"?!


[other guys cheering like "That was a good answer!"]


Tell me what is it about, in short?


Travis: They [Metallica] go through therapy. They hire a therapist to go with them and they fight and they cry over their musical fission...
Josh: They act like girls...for an hour and a half!


[Make sure to watch the trailer for "Some Kind Of Monsters" here!]


David: But you know what, honestly... all it always goes back to is: bey do bey do beyyyy [plays and sings a famous Metallica riff melody on air guitar]


[everybody laughing]


Which brings me to a band called "Kansas", who had a cheesy little song called "Carry On Wayward Son" - which a cheesy little band also covered on their new album. What’s your point on that? ;-) [it’s the second to last song on "Temptation Come My Way"]


[everybody laughing again]


David: Man, I think it’s the perfect song for our record, I mean, you just gotta hear it!
Josh: It’s heavy, I’s a good song anyway!


It is!


Josh: It’ probably a thousand times heavier now.


Yeah, that’s how cover songs should be! ;-)


Travis: But we didn’t change it, at all, like, it’s still the same!


So who sings the higher parts?


Travis: It’s so lowed that you wouldn’t even need any high singing. ;-)


I see! You know, today I watched "Anchorman" again...


David: Haha, yeah...


And in the credits at the end - although I’ve seen it alot of times by now - I noticed for the first time that it’s actually "Carry On Wayward Son" that’s playing, so yeah... ;-)
So to round this up, there’s a website called who have kind of made fun about you [Josh] and the "heavy metal" tattooes on your arms. It was in their regular video show called ScenePoints, asking jokingly what you would do if you’d need to play in a jazz-band if the band thing wouldn’t work out. [Watch that episode here before you read on!]
So what’s your standpoint on that?


Josh: I would never need to play in a jazz band...?! I mean, the thing is, what dude with Heavy Metal (!!) tattooed on his arms is gonna be in a jazz band?! :-)


[general amusement at its peak]


So...any last words for the European folks? I mean, you’ve put your slogan already out there...
like "777 + jamming for the Lamb = ?"


David: High voltage! :-)
Travis: Git snake bit!
David: Yeah, I mean we’re just trying to bring you a good time anywhere, you know? Overseas, here, in the states or wherever. Just trying to have a good time, jam heavy music and just rock out, anytime!!
Josh: Yeah, we’re gonna be on a regular tour in Europe this summer. See you then!!!

A.J Barrette (drums),Travis Bailey (guitars), David Bunton (vocals), Josh Childers (guitars), Eric Korushak (bass)

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Interview by Tobias Reiss

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