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The following text is about the Bible verses that are posted daily on the top of the site.
"Herrnhut (in Germany, near Dresden) grew rapidly following this transforming revival and became the centre of a major movement for Christian renewal and mission during the 18th century. Moravian historians identify the main achievements of this period as:

1) Setting up a watch of continuous prayer which ran uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, for 100 years.

2) The origination of the Losungen, the "Daily Watchwords," on May 3rd, 1728 - published today in 50 languages - is the oldest and most widely read daily devotional work in the world. Old Testament texts, the "Watchwords", are chosen by lot annually in Herrnhut (Germany) from a collection of 1200 verses; the New Testament texts, "Doctrinal Texts," are selected then to comment on the Watchwords. This is an ecumenical ministry of the worldwide Moravian Unity that transcends confessional, political and racial barriers of all kinds." (Link on Wikipedia)
Ever since 1728 the Daily Watchwords have been put out without intermission, for 279 years now!
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Due to licensing restrictions it unfortunately is no longer possible to download the English version of the Daily Watchwords for the whole year as free software, like it has been before. (You can read more about that in our post from January 1st, 2008).
Only the German version of the Losungen is still available for download at www.losungen.de.
More infos about the Losungen also at www.losung.de and Wikipedia (all in German).

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